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Welcome to Liv in Gratitude


If you are NEW to my blog welcome! If you have been here before, welcome back! 2016 is a year for CHANGE. And with those changes, I had to listen to my heart and break away and be me. I hope everyone can be professionals about this. Prompts will still be given out on Sunday's and Wednesday's, but myself, Liv, is the only admin here.



Our Prompts


Are you ready to get your mojo going? Ready to splatter your page with weekly prompts as well as mid bonus prompts?

  • Challenges

  • Gal 52 (one prompt a week 52) posted Sunday by 8 pm

  • Gratitude ( mid week bonus 52) posted every wednesday by noon

  • Stay tuned ( this is a free website! as of now, enjoy making art!)

Events & Workshops

Are you checking out blogger?



Hey Gals!!! Just a heads up! The art room is done! But I will be out of town through May 16th... I know it's a new month, but if you noticed, I don't have anything planned for May... it was due to the fact I was going to be out of town. So, lets start up again in June !!! Still would like to see some of the work you are doing... are you keeping up?

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